Easy Pool Landscaping Ideas

Mundane outdoor areas can be transformed through clever design and layout. Pool landscaping is one way to create an area to rival those they offer at fancy resorts. Any backyard can become an area of major impact by incorporating a few simple ideas. Remember to peruse some magazines for inspiration before you begin.For more details-OP lawns.

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Homeowners should take the height of the pool walls into consideration when planning above ground pool landscaping. Seeing that safety fences are often used, make sure to choose fences that complement the rest of the design. Choose plants with care, and remember that trailing vines will beautify fencing when grown alongside it.

Mud and weeds are often the result of water being splashed from the pool. This is easily remedied by planting evergreen shrubs and perennials in well mulched soil. When going over your above ground pool landscape ideas, remember to use plants that don’t drop too many leaves, seeds and blossoms.

One of the popular options is to build a deck. This will create a private area that is perfect for relaxing near your above ground pool. If there is ample space, your deck can be as big or small as you want it and is great for displaying outdoor furniture. The height of the pool walls can be designed to be level with the deck itself, and lattices and plantswill help to make it look level.

Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to inground pools, one is only limited by imagination. Homeowners can achieve spectacular results by incorporating elements from nature herself. Rocks, foliage, tinkling water displays and stones will add that natural ambience, making it a joy for all who linger. Clever planning could also add to the market value of your home.

Use outdoor furniture and tables to ensure that the inground pool area is inviting. A paved walkway that leads from the home to the pool is perfect for pulling the two areas together. Paving on the perimeter itself will add interest and charm.Whether incorporated into the design itself or not, water features are certain to add something special. The sound of water is naturally soothing; therefore, waterfalls and fountains will be stunning additions to consider for your pool area.


Before making any final decisions, browse catalogs and visit websites to view as many pool landscaping pictures as possible. Not all backyards are the same size or shape so plan yours accordingly. No matter how small the area itself, with a little imagination and forethought it can be made into a place where you spend the most pleasant hours of your life.